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Very caring and understanding of someone's needs. Couldn't ask for my loved one to be in better hands. Thanks again for everything Dawn, Kimberly, Autumn and the rest of the staff at Sterling Funeral Home Dayton, Texas Sincerely, Jason McBride

Jason McBride
February 21, 2023

Thank you for taking such good care of David. I was impressed with the bookmarks! Never seen them before. Thanks again.

Mary Pate
January 23, 2023

Thank you so much for all that you did at mom's funeral. The beautiful flowers and the discount. Mother loved her job at Sterling and it was a blessing to her.

Jody & Arthur Jay & Family
December 15, 2022


"Thank You" to each of you for your help with funeral plans & memorial for mother. And for taking such great care and concern for our family & friends. Our family has trusted Sterling Funeral with several generations of burial help. Every time we as a family, have to face such great sorrow your professionalism and empathy offer an ease as we work our way through the quiet process.

Tino Ramirez
The Ramirez Family

The Ramirez Family
April 1, 2022

Deb and I want to express our deepest gratitude to you and Linda and Autumn for going way above and beyond for us during this tragic time. You were so compassionate and gentle, Linda was a lovely presence, and Autumn was so helpful and kind. Words cannot express our thanks for how much you folks did for us. I know we speak on behalf of the entire family. Mike and Debbie McFarlin.

Mike & Debbie McFarlin
July 28, 2021

Kim, Linda and the staff are amazing. They did everything in their power to console my family at a very devastating time. They will always have a special place in our hearts.

Jo Hogan
July 30, 2020

Sterling Family,
Thank-you so much for your compassion and support in preparation of the funeral. It was very nice and we were pleased with the services and all the such nice gifts given.
Love, The Brownlee Family

The Brownlee Family
September 27, 2019

Dear Kim,
On a personal note I wanted to thank you for going and buying my nice shoes. I am still so embarrassed they were so old. No one else would have done what you did go above and beyond. Had to be the nicest thing for you to have to do. Now thanks for Pastor Jeff, he was exactly what I wanted-everyone really enjoyed his service. Please let him know he touched all the parts of Jim's life just perfectly. Thanks for everything plus above and beyond.

Barbara H.
July 17, 2019

We just want to say thank you for everything y'all have done for us during this sad time. Not only financially, but with the planning and everything else that y'all have helped us with. We are so very grateful. We just wanted you to know that the hospitality y'all have shown did not go unnoticed and was not taken for granted. We truly feel blessed to have so many people go out of their way to help us all get through this sad time.
P.S Thank Nick for taking care of us!

The Kline Family
January 16, 2019

The Sterling Funeral Home and Staff made one of the toughest experiences of my life as easy as possible. Everyone was professional and respectful. I would like to personally thank Nicolus Nelson for his guiding us through this tough time, and being my brain when I couldn't think. I will forever be grateful to the Sterling Staff for caring for me during the loss of my mother.

Timothy and Ginger Vaughn
December 19, 2018

Please know that I "thank you" for going above and beyond to help me honor my loved one. Your personal touch made the difference for me. Thank you so much and will definitely use you again.
Best to you!
In Memory
"Michael Lewis"

Julia Barber
October 26, 2018

Thank you Nicolus, Kim & Dawn for all your help & support. Your kindness will always be remembered. Thank you for being there for us.

Theresa, Pete & Allie Fardelos
October 18, 2018

Thank you so much for the services and special attention you provided for our son's services. You do fantastic work and it is greatly appreciated.

Pudge & Kay
September 20, 2018

Dear Kim & Staff
Thank you so much for your excellent service to the Francis Desormeaux family. Pastor Kevin & I were so impressed by your genuine concern & care of not only that family but also us. We do a lot of funeral services & we think your attention to detail & the unity of the staff @ Sterling Funeral Home in Anahuac is awesome. Bless you as you serve others.
Blessings Pastor Kevin & Melanie

Cornerstone Church
September 14, 2018

Truthfully I have had bad experience in the Past with Sterling Funeral Home. I had wavered between this funeral home, and another for about a month before my Pawpaw passed away. In the end when my Pawpaw passed away, the hospice nurse asked what funeral home I wanted. For the life of me I could not remember the name of the other funeral home, and in my grief I spit out Sterling Funeral homes name. I thought that tasted like vinegar coming out of my mouth. I silently prayed that I would not have the issues I had with my Granny there.

A friend of mine that is a hospice nurse came while they loaded the body. Then they called me back out, and that when I met the Manger herself of this funeral home. They had draped my grandfather with the Flag since he is a United States Marine... Before I could say a Word Kimberly Mulkey just came up with such a nurturing and loving presence. She actually hugged me, and was giving me her condolences. Her demeanor comes off as an old friend.

Immediately she gave me her cell number, because she wanted me to be able to contact her anytime for anything. We made plans for the next day. We decided to meet in Dayton because there is a larger selection for casket that I could see.

The Day I had to plan the funeral went with ease. She was there every step of the way with me. She wasn’t trying to up sale this funeral. She worked effortlessly to help me to be able to do this one last thing for my Pawpaw. She is very personable, and I felt like I said I had knew her for years. Even with a little bit of personal family trouble we had she handled for me. She just knew and did everything that was needed. She really went the extra mile. The Day of the funeral everything was perfect. They even had me a precious gift. A picture of my Pawpaw on wood. They made a difficult day for me, just flow with ease. Then Nicolus who also works there made such and impact on me also. He is so genuine, gracious, and kind... He helped me in so many ways. Even at one point just listening to me, as my heart was breaking. Linda Tate was another staff member that drove my Pawpaw to the Grave yard, but oh my she was so amazing, caring, loving, and just so helpful to me. We chatted after the funeral, and she even took the time to show me and help gather flowers for me to press for a keepsake. She just felt like a Grandmother to me, and helped me feel very much at ease. It wasn’t just the big things that these people were concerned with. It was me, and making things right down to the last trivial little detail. I am so glad that Sterling Funeral home has a group of Staff members that are knowledgeable and understands what people are going through. Especially in hard times such as these when we have to lay our loved one’s to rest. I would recommend this funeral home to anyone. Now it is better than I have ever seen it. Trust meet these are the right people for this business. They have even did some remodeling with more to come. In the End now I have no regrets using Sterling Funeral Home. A big thanks to everyone at Sterling Funeral Home for helping me through some of the darkest times in my life.

Misty Abalos
August 23, 2018

Kimberley Mulkey & Her family at Sterling Funeral, went above and beyond when we lost my 8 month old nephew. The things they did and still do are amazing! They do stuff out of the kindness of their hearts. "Above and beyond" They did things that they didn't have to, they bought bright baby blue balloons and at the end of his grave side service we released them. They tried two outfits on to see which one fit better, they dressed him up for us to see him before the actual funeral and service.. They were there for us in the time of need and they still do things for our community! OUR FAMILY, LOVES YOU ALL LIKE FAMILY!!!!!Thank you !

Jennifer Dearen
July 19, 2018

I absolutely adore the staff here at Sterling Funeral Homes in Dayton Texas. I have had to attend many services here in the past year and most recently it was the service for my precious husband. They helped me with everything I needed. They understand the stress and pain you are going through and they go above and beyond to make sure everything is taken care of in a caring and extremely professional way. The services are absolutely beautiful and personal. This clearly isn’t just a “job” to the staff at Sterling Funeral Home they genuinely care about each and every person that walks through those doors. Thank you so much for everything each one of you have done for not only me but for my entire family.

Melanie Crunk
July 18, 2018

To all the staff,

I want to thank all of yall for helping all of us with Steven. You all were all so helpful. My family want to thank you for all yall did to make it a little easier for us. We all love the wooden photo of Steven it is beautiful. Thank you so much for that.

Love Pam Lundy & Family

Pam Lundy

Thank you Sterling Family for the lovely gift basket and kind words.

Rickey Sackett & Family

Rickey Sackett & Family

To the Sterling staff. We just can't thank you enough for your help and support. Thanks so much

Margaret, Charles & Tracey Hancock

Than you for all that your staff did to make a difficult time bearable. Your kindness and professionalism is deeply appreciated.

Debra Wood

I just wanted to tell you and your staff
thank you for a beautiful service for my
grandmother Clara Beard. My nanny
looked beautiful today and I greatly
appreciate your staff being so kind to my
mother and her sisters during this
difficult time. Thank you once again
Kristen Oden

Kristen Oden

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